Nú eru vorfuglarnir farnir ađ undirbúa sig fyrir komuma í sveitina í sumar og hlökkum viđ í Úthlíđ mikiđ til ađ fá skemmtilega gesti til okkar í gistingu, golf, sund, mat og fleira.

Núna erum viđ ađ bjóđa skemmtilega golfpakka sem henta vel ţessa dagana, enda er króna á móti krónu í Úthlíđ og ţví ţarf ekki ađ hafa áhyggjur af gjaldeyrishöftum hér.

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Úthlíđ Travel Service

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Uthlid is a travel service center in largely unspoiled Icelandic landscape. It is centrally located in the Golden Circle, close to most key locations, only a 90 min drive from Reykjavik, 25 min from the national park of Thingvellir, 10 min from the famous Geysir hot springs and only 15 min from the Gullfoss waterfall.  You can see the location on map on the bottom of this page.

Uthlid offers unique combination of services in one place. You can find :
  • Cottages for rent, the perfect solution for weary travellers and perfect for weekend getaways.
  • Swimming Pool with 2 hot tubs and shower facilities.
  • Grill Bar and Restaurant with live music on weekends.
  • Convenience store and a Gas station.
  • Nice camping area with toilets, barbecue facilities and electricity plugins
  • 9 hole golf course.
  • Great hiking areas (guided tours available)
  • Horse rental for shorter trips (great for families)
  • Horsetrip to the mountains near Úthlíđ - 5 days - Special offer

For further information, service packages or group booking - send e-mail to - or call 354-6995500




Descriptions and pictures of the cottage rentals can be found below :

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Gleđibunga (Fun Hill) and Glćsibunga (Awesome Hill) 
For booking please call +354 699 5500 og email us

Two identical 130 m2 luxury cottages that houses 8-10 people each. Each cottage has a large in-house Jacuzzi. There are four bedrooms in each house, each includes a queen size bed (two singles can be arranged), a walk in bathroom equipped with a shower, and a TV. In the middle of each cottage is a large living room which includes a stereo and a TV. Attached to the living room is a dining area with fully equipped kitchen and a a large barbecue propane grill can be found on the patio. 

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Stóra Bunga (Large Hill)
Book your Vacation

62 m2 cottage with phenomenal view that houses 5-6 people. The cottage has a big living room and dining room, which makes it ideal house for big families. There are two bedrooms that houses five people which are equipped with comforters and pillows. The living room is equipped with a corner sofa, a studio couch (that can easily be changed into a double bed), a TV and a Stereo. The cottage also comes with a fully equipped kitchen, tableware for 8, Microwave oven, and a barbecue propane grill. The cottage has a bathroom with shower and a hot tub.

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Breiđabunga (Wide Hill) Book your Vacation

A 60 m2 cottage which houses 6-7 people. The cottage includes three bedrooms which come with pillows and comforters. The living room is well equipped with a leather couch, TV and a stereo. The Kitchen is adjacent to the living room and is fully equipped, has tableware for 6 people and a coal barbecue grill located on the patio. The bathroom is equipped with a shower and has a walkthrough door to the patio where a hot tub is located. The view from this cottage is phenomenal.

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Ástarbunga (Love Hill) Book your Vacation

Set in a very romantic spot, this 38 m2 luxury cottage is ideal for the big wedding night or the special anniversaries. The cottage houses 4 people and includes a bedroom equipped with a TV, pillows and comforters. In the middle of the cottage is a cozy living room with a corner sofa TV and a stereo. The kitchen is well equipped with tableware for 4 and a coal barbecue grill located on the patio. To top a nice romantic evening off the cottage includes a in-house romantic hot tub.

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Minnibungur 1-5 (Molehills) Book your Vacation

Five very cozy 34 m2 cottages that each houses 4-6 people. In each cottage there are two bedrooms each equipped with a queen size bed, pillows and comforters. The living room in the middle of the cottage can easily be converted into sleeping quarters for 2. The living room includes a studio couch, TV and a stereo. The adjacent kitchen is fully equipped, includes tableware for 6 people and comes with a coal barbecue grill which is located on the patio. Minnibungur 4 and 5 include a small hot tub which are served on first come, first served basis.

More Pictures

Grandinn (Le Grand) Book your Vacation

58 m2 cottage which houses 6-8 people. It has three bedrooms which all come with pillows and comforters. The living room is equipped with a couch, TV and a stereo, adjacent to the living room is the kitchen which is fully equipped with tableware and has a coal barbecue grill located on the patio. The cottage also includes an in-house hot tub.

Location on map

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